The Legendary Toyota ‘Supra’ Returns…

After months of speculation, details are finally emerging regarding the return of a Japanese hero..


The Toyota Supra has been in the hearts and minds of many a car enthusiast, most since childhood. Posters of the legendary sports car up on their bedroom walls, amongst good company, often with the likes of the Ferrari Testarossa and Lamborghini Diablo. The Supra held its own, even in the presence of the era’s greatest super cars.

Now, nearly 15 years since the last Supra rolled of the production line back in 2002, the latest prototype of what will be it’s successor has been spotted stretching it’s legs at the BMW M testing center at the Nurburgring.

SO what exactly do we know about the new Toyota Supra thus far?

  1. It will be built in conjunction with BMW, where the German manufacturer will base its Z4 replacement on the same chassis.
  2. Both cars will share common running gear, with power most likely from BMW’s B58 Twin Power Turbo 3.0 inline six, while the Z4 replacement may also have the B48 2.0 Twin Power Turbo four powering entry level versions. Power will be sent to the rear wheels through a dual clutch transmission, while Toyota sourced hybrid-electric motors will run the front wheels, making the Supra four-wheel drive. (similar to the recently launched Honda NSX).
  3. The Supra will be built as a coupè only, whereas it’s Z4 sibling will be built as a soft top roadster.
  4. The Supra promises to be lightweight using existing weight saving technologies from BMW, such as carbon core technology, making extensive use of carbon fibre reinforced plastic and lightweight aluminium.
  5. The design of the Supra was previewed by the Toyota FT1 concept car of 2014 and it’s believed that many of the styling cues from  the FT1 will make it on to the Supra when it finally arrives.
  6. The Toyota Supra is set for a late 2017 launch and should go on sale in early 2018, a few months after its Z4 sibling.

Whether the new Toyota Supra will live up to it’s legendary status remains to be seen, but if it’s to look anything like Toyota’s beautiful FT1 concept car, they certainly are headed in the right direction.


The renderings below, by TopSpeed , show what the final product could look like. Set to keep most of the striking design features from the FT1, while softening some of the angles to keep it looking somewhat like its fellow Toyota stable mate, the GT 86.


Since the last generation Supra became famous to a whole new generation of speed freaks as Paul Walker’s  ’10 second car’ on the first installment of the Fast and Furious, I think there will definitely be a space reserved for the 2018 Supra on every young car enthusiast’s bedroom wall.





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